The Sumo Crusher

Safe, Clean, Efficient Fluorescent Tube Containment and Disposal

The Sumo Crusher offers a low cost, safe and clean method of containing waste fluorescent lighting tubes. The Sumo is hand operated and so there are no issues with electrical supply. It is rugged and easily transportable so can be used on most sites.

Sumo Fluorescent Lamp Crusher

The Sumo crusher is a safe, clean and efficient system for the disposal of waste fluorescent light tubes. BK Safety is the sole manufacturer and supplier of the Sumo Crusher fluorescent light tube / lamp containment and disposal system.The Sumo Crusher has been sold to various international users which include the oil and shipping industries. The Sumo Crusher is available for hire for UK mainland customers and for sale to International customers. For hire customers we can also include a waste collection and disposal option.

The Sumo crusher comprises of a hand driven drum top crushing unit. There are no power issues and a minimum number of moving parts means the unit is virtually maintenance free. Up to 300 or 400 light tubes can be held in a single drum (depending on the size of tubes being crushed).

While the Sumo Crusher can crush any size straight fluorescent tube / lamp it cannot crush plastic coated tubes.

The Crusher is intended to be used as an occasional maintenance tool in well ventilated areas. It is not intended to be used for large scale tube destruction for many hours at a time.

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